Quicken Uses Prism API to Add Thousands More Billers

Developer-friendly API gives Quicken and its users better insight and control

Published by Handle FinancialJanuary 18, 2017

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and MENLO PARK, Calif. – Jan. 18, 2017 – Quicken has chosen Prism API, a product of electronic money movement platform PayNearMe Inc., to power its bill presentment.

Using Prism’s RESTful API, Quicken can now provide customers with dependable, high quality, real-time transaction data and historical account information from significantly more billers than before. The Prism API also gives Quicken more billers in the categories that matter most to consumers, such as utilities, telecom providers and cable companies.

“The Prism API is extremely developer-friendly and the documentation is among the best I’ve seen,”

said Daniel A. Chen, Quicken’s head of business development. “Prism API enables us to better support our customers by providing them with real-time insight into future cash-flow needs and upcoming bill amounts. It also enables us to monitor changes in a biller’s service that may affect our customers before they are noticed. The automated monitoring means we are able to troubleshoot more quickly than the manual process we were using before. The best part is, Quicken customers should not notice any change as a result of this integration, and in fact, many may find that previously unavailable billers are now viewable and trackable.”

Financial services companies and institutions like Quicken seek out Prism API for its customizable, mobile-first bill presentment and fast payment processing capabilities,” said Kunal Kumar, senior vice president of Prism Platform Services. “No one else offers the number of billers we do. Our technology was built to integrate with existing products seamlessly. Financial services companies can now offer an enhanced bill and account-viewing experience and give users the ability to pay the largest portfolio of expedited billers in the U.S. in one integration. Developers love the ease of integration. Customers love the convenience and clarity it provides into their finances.”

For more information about working with PayNearMe Inc. or the Prism API, visit http://prismmoney.com/about/prism-api.

About PayNearMe Inc.

PayNearMe Inc. is a cloud-based financial technology provider operating under industry-leading compliance and security standards. The company’s three core offerings form a robust money movement platform that provides secure, real-time bill payments for consumers, an extensive network of retail locations for businesses to collect cash payments and best-in-class bill presentment technology for financial services companies.

  1. The PayNearMe product has been enabling government agencies and businesses to accept cash payments remotely since 2009. PayNearMe’s network of 20,000 trusted retail locations includes 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar®, Fidelity Express and ACE Cash Express stores. The company’s payable merchants include Comcast, the IRS, Greyhound bus, and the California Department of Child Support Services, among many others.
  2. Prism Money is a financial management and bill payment app that empowers consumers to see bank balances, track paychecks and bills, and pay bills using debit/credit cards and ACH, all in real-time, right from the app.
  3. Prism Platform Services enable financial services companies and financial institutions to integrate robust bill presentment and same-day payment capabilities into their existing products. See how Visa is working with the Prism API here: http://paynearme.com/visa.

For more information, visit: http://paynearme.com. Follow PayNearMe on Twitter and LinkedIn:  @PayNearMe.

About Quicken

For more than 30 years, Quicken, a top personal money management software, has been the trusted financial solution for millions of consumers. Based in Menlo Park, California, and with offices in Tucson, Arizona and Bangalore, India, Quicken Inc. remains deeply committed to helping individuals and families improve their financial lives. The Quicken product line includes solutions for Mac and Windows users, as well as a mobile and a tablet app to give consumers anytime, anywhere access and tools for managing their finances. Effective March 31, 2016, Quicken began operating independently from Intuit Inc. More information can be found at www.quicken.com.


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